Windows 8 Spin that wheel, Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Again, if, you, already, know this, just pretend you never read it, here.
And, I, really could have, maybe, should have mentioned this long ago.

Let's say:
1. You have a non-Touch PC or laptop.
2. Your mouse has a wheel (pretty common)
3. You select an APP, such as News, Photos, Games... anything w/ heaps of content to the right ----->
4. There is a scroll bar @ the bottom that can be grabbed to move ----> to view the content.
BUT... (you don't need to use it)
5. Spinning the wheel towards you (normally, go down) will move the screen to the right ----->
6. Spinning the wheel away from you (normally, go up) will move the screen to the left <--------
Just like you were swiping your finger across it.
Wheeeeeeeeee, don't have bother trying to grab & move the bar. Much easier, smoother & more accurate w/ using the wheel.

Maybe it is old news? dunno. But I find, with my ancient test hardware, it is quicker to use the bar than the mouse scroll wheel.
No worries; whatever feels most comfy. Really, just another instance of me letting folks know what's possible... even though, sometimes, may be something folks, already, know.

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