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Greetings and best of the season to All.

I have a Mushkin 120 GB SSD drive for my operating system (Win8). Recently noticed that the operating system and programs take up approx. 104 GB but actual size is only approx. 60 GB. In Acdronis True Image it backs up to 39 GB but takes up 104 GB. I do not use a swap file and can not find anything that would account for the increase in size. Any assistance greatly appreciated.



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Have you checked for system restore points? On my Sandisk 120 GB Extreme SSD, I was finding every few weeks that as much as 30 GB was being taken up by system restore points. From the start screen, type "system protection" and click "Create a Restore Point". In the properties dialog that opens, select "Configure" where you can check and configure usage as well as delete all restore points.

With such a small capacity SSD, I also have a 500 GB hard drive running alongside which is where I prefer to install big programs (Adobe CS6, games, etc) and store my downloads whenever possible.


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I disable the restore facility, immediately on first installation, for myself and any clients. I prefer the use of Images, made periodically and manually. For clients, I instruct them on the use of Paragon or Macrium. For myself I use Acronis


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Hi davehc,
long time no talk too!!! Hope all is well? I bought a new series E Sony Vaio a couple of months ago. I have been thinking about getting an ssd but, I do not know much about them. Where would be a good place to look for that type info? Thanks and be well!


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I am trying for sure. Got 8 gig's of ram this morning, and I will shortly read up on the ssd; and see if it fits my needs. My biggest happiness is my 50/25 fios. I truly love the internet now. Be good, and if I may I might drop by later and ask some more questions.

I may be in the minority but, I really do like Windows 8!!!!


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This is the fastest you can buy right now: - OCZ Vector Series VTR1-25SAT3-256G 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC It was just realeased so it does not yet show on the usual performance charts.

Other good options are the Crucial M4 and the Samsung 840 Pro.

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All my sytems run from SSDs and have around 30GBs of data for Windows 7 or Windows 8 C: partition - including all programs (and I have a lot - but no games).

What I do is:

1. Move user folders (Docs, Music, Pics, Videos) to a spinner or an external drive (big SD card is convenient for laptops)

2. Get rid of the hiberfile. The command is powercfg -h off. Note that in Windows 8 you lose the hybrid sleep, but for an SSD that does not buy you much anyhow.

3. Reduce the pagefile to 2GB - works well on all my systems.

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