Start Menu Critical Error


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I let my machine update yesterday and it took over 3 hours. My system now says it's OS Build 19041.329. Now my start menu gives me a critical error message. I've done most of the things I have found in Google with no different outcome. What did I upgrade to and how do I get the windows menu to work again?


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What's the actual error message?
Critical Error
Your Start Menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in.

I've been messing with this for hours so I've rebooted at least 30 times - both restarting and shutdown then on. I've tried everything on the Internet I could find about it except reinstalling Windows. I was running Win 10 Pro ver 1909 but now it says Ver 2004 OS Build 19041.329. When I installed it I could find no place to reject it.


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Not much to go on. If you've "tried everything on the internet" I would suggest doing a soft re-install and select "Keep Apps and Data"


If no internet solutions have worked for you, it's possible this error is due to problems with your Windows account and start-up process. We actually wrote a troubleshooting guide for this today which can be read here. For some reason, the "critical start menu error" is getting more common now and our solution seemed to help with most of these issues. Just follow the steps on how to restart your application identity service and hopefully you won't have to go through the pain of re-installing.


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Can't do anything with the computer now. Tried to do a repair and it went south. Can not get past the 'choose your keyboard'. Can not get into safe mode. Tried recover and got an error. Grrrrrr