Steps to Create Backup Copy of Excel File in MS Excel 2013

Regular backup can save your data in data loss situations such as hard disk failure, power outage, virus infection, and data corruption. To prevent data loss in MS Excel 2013, Microsoft included inbuilt backup feature which creates backup copy of Excel file and update the file automatically whenever the original one is saved. Follow the steps to create backup copy of Excel file:

Step 1: Open Excel file that need to be backed up, then go to Save As > Computer > Browse to locate the location where both files will be saved (original and backup copy)


Step 2: Go to Arrow symbol next to Tools as shown below then select General Options to create backup copy of Excel file

Step 3: A new dialogue box will open check the checkbox Always create backup and click OK


Step 4: You can see both files as shown below in the defined location


Dazy J Parker

New Member
Thanks for this information. I am using Excel 2007 and the backup option is a little bit different from it. When I clicked on save as option then a wizard opened. I found the tools option on the left bottom side.