Steps to Downgrading Win 10 to Win 7


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Hi ,
I just purchased this laptop at a fairly inexpensive price, because I wanted to have a "typewriter" that would have the bells an whistles, and be used strictly off internet. The problem is that I don't like or want Windows 12, and e ven off the internet, I'm still plagued with issues having to do with skipping, slow clicking from one browser or an y area to the next, and the list goes on and on...
A nyway, I want to downgrade to Windows 7Pro 64 -bit, but I've forgotten the right way to go about it . Can someone take a look at what I've purchased and tell me what to do or where to go in order to get things started? I'm probably going to have to downgrade or change m y bios. I think that was the first thing I had to do, but I'm not sure how to do that either.
One more question: Is it possible to downgrade from Win10 and keep some of its features ?
Thanks in advance,
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The short answer is you probably won't be able to.

  1. Most newer computers do not have any support or not complete support for drivers for Windows 7
  2. There is no downgrade path, you'd have to install a fresh copy of Windows 7
  3. Windows 10 does not entitle you to a Windows 7 license, you'd need to purchase it
  4. The feature sets are not transferable between versions of Windows unless that feature exists in Windows 7
  5. Windows 7 is end of life in January and software companies will stop supporting it as well as installers may not be available


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I have quite a few Windows 7 licenses.
I'm prepared to install a fresh copy, just wanted to see if there were any new or easier steps towards that solution.
I have all my Windows 7 drivers (for Lenovo, Hp and Dell). I just didn't know if in light of Win7's demise there was a central place being created to gain access in the future.
I've actually had a few instances in the past where a feature "slipped" into my Windows 7 install, and worked well. I was hoping maybe there was some reason other than luck.
Guess there's nothing really new from the last time I downgraded with a fresh install. I plan on holding onto Win7 as long as possible,even if only as a 'typewriter', because frankly, Windows 10 I just can't deal with on any level.