Windows 10 Stereo Mix will not pick up my microphone and I am using Windows 10!!


So I downloaded Windows 10 on thursday and boy it was good until I went to do my weekly live radio. The problem i have is that i had already set up stereo mix for Windows 7 and it was working fine. Now i am on Windows 10 and Stereo Mix is picking up music and computer audio but not my mic.

Here is where it gets confusing, bare with me;

using Audacity and setting the mic input to stereo mix allows my mic to be recorded. however, it will not record audio from the computer...

where as on spreaker my live stream host, it does the opposite.

in the sound settings it does not register the mic in stereo mix and there is no playback either. which has lead me to believe I set it up wrong which has been making me go round in circles. something is not right and if i knew what it was i could fix the issue but i just can't work it out..

I hope one of you could...


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Hi Weekly,
seems like your post was missed. Do you still have the above issues? If you upgraded Windows 10 then sometimes the upgrade process can mess with certain apps and drivers. Usually re-installing either the driver or application often solves the issue.

hi weekly
I too was suffering because both my audio and microphone were not working .You can try this solution simply go to the audio icon on the right of the task bar right click and click on recording devices and disable all enhancements. Check if this works

regards jetthreat

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