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I can't forget this topic - I am automatically emailed whenever there's a reply to it!

Have you been monitoring the video card temps with HWINFO as Vir Gnarus suggested?
What are the temps at around the time that the freezing/BSOD's happen.

Regardless of the temps tho' - this has all the signs of it being a hardware problem with your video card.

1) I suggest updating your video drivers one more time - to the latest available from World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies | NVIDIA
2) If the BSOD's continue, then:
- check the GPU cooler to make sure that it's free of dust/dirt/hairballs
- wiggle the cooler gently (BE CAREFUL IT MAY BE VERY, VERY HOT!!!) to make sure it's seated
- make sure that the cooler has a source of cooler air to work with (not the exhaust from the CPU for example).
- make sure that any power connectors are firmly seated (and that the card is firmly seated in it's slot).
- point a house fan (on high) into the case to see if that slows down the BSOD's.

If none of that works, then try another video card. If you don't have a spare to use, purchase one from a store that'll let you return it for your money back (in case it's not needed).

I haven't been getting that BSOD lately, instead I get a black screen and it seems like my computer is attempting to recover but it keeps on crashing.
I used EVGA Precision X to monitor the temps and it crashed around 55-60 degrees, so I don't think its a temperature issue.

I tried reinstalling the graphics driver, but when I get a black screen when I click "Perform Clean Install." During my install when it says something like "Uninstalling Previous Driver Version" (don't remember exactly), I get a black screen and I hear the sound of a USB port being disconnected. This requires a hard restart and when I reboot the NVIDIA driver is uninstalled (not sure if uninstalled properly).
However, after all of this I am still not able to install the graphics driver. The installation reaches a certain point and then just remains there forever. I've tried restarting several times and trying again with no prevail. Instead I decided to uninstall the driver in safe mode which ended up being successful. However, phyX was not updated as I got an error when I tried installing.

If I was to try a different video card, what would you recommend?


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I'm not a great fan of Precision X - as the older version (just plain Precision) is known to cause BSOD's in some Windows systems.

Either use the same model card - or take this opportunity to upgrade the card. As for what exact card? I have no clue as I'm using a 4 year old video card on my system (and it wasn't top of the line when I bought it).

But it's best to borrow any card (if you can) just to try.
If you do have to purchase one - BE SURE to purchase it from a place that'll let you return it for your money back if it's not needed.

My problem got really bad last night. My screen would just turn black after the Windows logo screen on startup.
I was thinking of just reinstalling the OS. Do you think I should try a new card first? or just straight reinstall the OS?


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Because you're having issues with the card, try the new one first. Also, it's a quicker test than wiping the hard drive and reinstalling Windows.

If you do decide to re-install Windows, please follow the instructions here: Canned Speeches
Please run these bootable diagnostics BEFORE reinstalling Windows: Initial Hardware Diagnostics

I decided to reinstall windows because I wanted to wipe my hard drive anyway. It worked perfectly fine last night with no crashing and I was able to play a game with no problems. However, this morning I went to start it up and I got the same problem where after the Windows loading screen, my monitor gets no signal and just turns black.
So I'm going to try find a similar card today and test to see if it is working. I'll report back once I've tested.

Ok after quite a lot of testing (playing a lot of games and such :p) I've come to a conclusion that my computer has suddenly fixed itself.

I decided to reinstall windows again and had the same problems after doing so. Since my card was on warranty I decided to try find the serial number of my card. I removed my card, got the serial number, and then resat the card.
I turned on my computer and it suddenly worked perfectly. Since this (about a week now), I haven't had a problem. Weird thing is that I already tried resitting my card before and it decides to work now.
Quite happy I managed to get it fixed just as my holiday ends.

Thanks a lot for the help usasma!


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The very first computer that I looked at (without supervision) at my shop belonged to a friend of the boss.
I sent him to another shop for a second opinion (rather than charge him for sending it out to the manufacturer).

They reseated the RAM and the system hasn't had another problem in years!

Good work! Thanks for letting us know!

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