1. J

    Windows 10 Kernelbase.dll game crash after update - Solved!

    I had Hitman - Absolution for several years. I played a lot on the same system with then same O/S. I am trying to play it again this week but it keeps on crashing and in the event viewer it shows the issue is that Kernelbase.dll is causing it to crash. I tried several versions of the game but...
  2. Fluffyhoovy

    Windows 10 Steam games using unreal engine 4 or MT framework crash on startup after windows update

    Only games using these engines are crashing, I've tried reinstalling the games, verifying cache, reinstalling steam, nothing I could find works. The only thing that did work for a short while was resetting windows, the games launched, then I restarted my pc and they started crashing on startup...
  3. amitnarwal

    Windows 7 Weird problems

    Hardware - Intel dual core 2 duo + 2GB RAM Software - Windows 7 Ultimate No gfx Problem = - Lags in COD1 Multiplayer - Before I have 1GB RAM and I able to get 125 fps in COD1 MP in lowest settings - Now I have 2GB RAM but Hardly get 60 fps in lowest settings - my internet connection is also...
  4. D

    Windows 10 Windows 10 startup Sign in error

    i recently updated to a windows 10 pc i was windows 7 before and when i was on windows 7 my windows kept crashing so to try and fix this problem i updated my pc to windows 10 with the free windows 10 updater it worked after a few downloads and install but i was playing on of my steam games...
  5. SyntheticSeraphim

    Windows 10 Having Compatibility Problems

    I own a copy of Dawn Of War: Soulstorm. It has been modded, using Ultimate Apocalypse. I've owned this game since Windows 7, and it has worked on both Windows 7 and Windows 10, I've never had an issue with it. Today, whenever I try to run DoW, it complains that I need Windows 90Se, 2000...
  6. L

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Alt-Tabbing to desktop?

    In Windows 8 you could do it, and I know you can use Windows + D, but that doesn't work in games, specifically Far Cry 4 in my case. So every time I want to leave the game without quitting it I need to make it windowed and do whatever it is I want to do then make it fullscreen again. Even in...
  7. GLucaViggy

    Game refuses to play. Intro then stops

    Basically I'm trying to run a game from 2003 on windows 7. It used to work fine, but recently it's behaving very odd. The game will run, do its intro, then next will be the main menu screen. But instead it informs that the game has stopped working, tries to find a solution but fails. Anyone know...
  8. Night515

    Windows 7 Broken icons on Task Bar

    Hello, I'm having a strange issue with 2 icons on my Task Bar. They have a weird message when you hold the cursor over them and don't seem to do anything if you click on them. I got them from uninstalling 2 games.