Windows 7 Stop calling it Seven

Josh the Nerd

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Sep 17, 2007
The working name for the next version of Windows is Windows 7. It's starting to annoy me when people call it Windows Seven, Windows "Seven", Seven, "Seven", Windows "7", 7, "7", Windows Codename 7, etc.

heh, I it does make it a bit more confusing, as nobody is calling Windows Vista "Longhorn" anymore.

Perhaps people will stop calling it Windows Seven and Windows Vienna once Microsoft starts to confirm stuff about Windows 7, though that will probably not for a while.

windows 7 is the codename and so far we don't know the real name so we have to call it like that,and microsoft calls it internally windows 7,if it bothers you so much get a job at microsoft and make information leaks for us,so maybe well know the real name then...

No, I'm okay with the Windows 7 name. It's the incorrect variations of the name that bother me.

It seems like Windows 7 and Windows Seven are the official code names though.

Pual Thurrott's Win Super Site said:
Q: Is Microsoft working on an operating system after Windows Vista?

A: Yes. The next client version of Windows was originally codenamed "Blackcomb," though the company renamed it to "Windows Vienna" in early 2006 and to "Windows Seven" or "Windows 7" more recently.

But people need to stop calling it Windows Vienna, that's no longer the name.

Chaoswarrior: that would be cool if one of us could get a job and then start to leak info here. :P