Strange boxes on desktop applications

I have these strange colored (mostly white but some are a darker blue) boxes that will come and go randomly. It's far worse when I first start my computer and they become more scarce as the computer warms up. Running Radeon HD6950 card that's not overclocked and just installed brand new driv ers for it (seemed to help but it didn't fix the issue). First noticed it when I installed Steam several months back and a game from steam. Appears Steam may have changed some video settings but don't remember now? Recently uninstalled steam and then redownloaded driv ers today. Note they're the most prominent in the taskbar. It does not show up in games which I run in full screen mode. It does, however, show up when I'm running a browser (like google chrome) or when I'm just on my desktop. While I'm typing this, boxes are showing up, flickering, disappearing, etc. If it runs games fine, it shouldn't be my monitor or vid card. Running Windows 7 64 bit. Screenshot attached.



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Check to make sure you have all your hardware seated firmly in the slots. Then check all cable connections, inside the case as well as outside the case, paying particular attention to your GPU connections. From your screen shot and your description it sure acts like a bad (loose) signal connection to the monitor and or GPU.

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I encontered this (similar) recently... replace the vid card.



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I get larger ones that look like static on a LCD monitor. I do run steam, but have not started it or a game in some time but the boxes still appear. Do not know exactly what causes them on the Intel HD Graphics 3000 equipped motherboard.

Try updating the chipset driver for the Intel mobo.


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My comment was mostly to show the OP it was happening to me also. I have never really tried to track it down, but I do have the latest chipset and video drivers.

What I am thinking is some action might start the boxes, like watching a video or going to a particular website or Steam, but I will have to pay closer attention. As the OP mentions, it does not happen all the time.....

Maybe try turning Aero off to see if it makes a difference.

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