Windows 7 Strange problem driving me crazy: SOLVED, take a look


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I am visiting my grand daughter at my other daughter's house. Of course my grand daughter says, "Grandpa, can you look at my PC. It keeps going to sleep when I'm working on it. It has been working fine until I arrived here" Some may recall this is a new PC (approx. 7 months ago) that I bought as a gift for my grand daughter for college.

The PC kept going to sleep mode while she was typing. Sometimes while adding her password at boot, sometimes while surfing, just very intermittent. It would not do this when I was typing.

I checked Power Option, checked S/W, restored the original OS before any changes, then restored back to the latest Image (made just prior to starting T/S) I mean I spent hours working on this. I did Dell's online PC diagnostic app, twice. Spent an hour on the phone with Dell support (somewhere in India). They stated, "It is probably a virus". Ran full scan with MSE and Malwarebytes - clean. I removed the PS and reseated the RAM.

I was getting more bald by the minute. (and you all know I am pretty bald to start with) Finally my daughter says "Maybe they inserted magnets in your wrists"

Voila, my grand daughter removes her magnetic migraine bracelet and problem is solved!

Hours spent to help my grand daughter (whom I still love very much) and my daughter mentions a solution out of the blue.

Lesson learned: Do not use even low powered magnets near your PC when computing. I will NOT forget this lesson.