Stubborn VSS-errors in the Eventviewer of Win10 1903 .


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Since the upgrade from 1809 to latest 1903 , Im getting two VSS-errors in the Eventviewer , after every shutdown/reboot .
They are ; VSS error 8193 and VSS error 13 . Never seen these before , all is working fine , Windows Backups also .
Wish I could find a solution to get rid of them , I like a clean Eventviewer.
Any solution/idea............?
( Im sure Im not the only one with these errors in 1903 !! )


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Well if nothing is wrong with shadow copy/Windows Backup then I wouldnt be overtly concerned about it.


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Indeed , it seems no reason for going back to 1809 , still I really like to know why Im getting these errors all the time .
And , more of all , a working solution to eliminate 8193/13 !
I can not find a way to switch them off in the eventviewer either , so I dont see them anymore..........