Stuck in restart loop (no keyboard)

I received my surface pro 4 today and it was working fine for about an hour, my daughter borrowed it for about an hour after me and in that short period of time managed to get some malware on it (as far as I can tell she only installed one app, some drawing program) rather than battle with trying to remove the malware (i am rarely successful with those) I figured I would just reset the device since there seemed to be an easy way to do it and I figured since we just got it, we wouldn't have to worry about losing data.

I plugged it in, told it to reset (chose the option not to keep any files or anything- just to be sure it would properly clean the mess) and went about the house doing chores. It was slow to reset I noticed taking about 30 minutes to get to 7% but then for the next 2 hours it stayed on 7% I started to worry.

I couldnt find anything on Google, it was all talking about the surface pro 3 or a windows 10 error and their method of repair would be difficult for me since I didn't choose to get their keyboard (I have a third party one coming in the mail)

After another hour on 7% I took a chance a chance and did something, I held down the power button and interupted it, it told me there was a problem and it needed to be reset, yes fine, good! Go reset! It starts the reset at 7% again.....

I let it go for a while, not long this time, I was fed up, never progressed past 7%

I held down the reset button but this time it just kept trying to restart i think? Its just showing the surface logo for maybe 10 seconds then powers off, then it turns back on and repeats this process, I let it carry on for 10 cycles while I freaked out about how on earth I could fix it. Tried interupting the restart cycle by holding down the power button 30 seconds (just something I read) then turned it on again, still stuck! I have no idea how to fix this, anytime I had a pc problem in the past I could get into bios and boot from a disk! Now I have no keyboard to boot to bios, and no disk anyway! I do have a regular usb keyboard somewhere I might be able to dig that up if it can help me.

Any suggestions welcome, I'm desperate now!


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Hi Leesy,
I took a look at the support page for the Surface Pro 4 and there is quite a number of options which may or may not help although I did see in places the option to 'Contact Us' which again may prove useful.
Windows doesn’t start on Surface
If the above is no help can you remove the battery? If so I'd try that and remove it for say 30 minutes. Good luck!

Thanks very much for this info, i read over it and decided the recovery drive was sure sounding so ive just made a recovery drive of my own and now it is resetting! I'm going to go to bed now, its just past midnight here and hopefully its fixed by morning. I will come back and report then.


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Sounds promising.. Ideally though Leesy it's best if you can keep a watchful eye on the machine in moments like these. Hopefully all will be fine and you'll have some good news to report back tomorrow. :)

Yes it worked! Good as new! Thanks again!

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