Windows 10 Stuck on blue windows logo after instaling W10

I've read a lot about this error and still cannot solve my problem.

I have a Samsung RV511 (laptop)
CPU: P6200 @ 2.13GHz
Arquitechture: 64 bits
GPU: GeForce 315M (driver 341.92 - latest)
Windows: Windows 7 Home Premium

When trying to instal W10 directly from windows update it goes all the way until it stops at a black screen with the blue windows logo on it. Stopped, frozen. Even the HDD led is not blinking.
Then I pressed the power button to shutdown and when I pressed it again to turn it back on it loaded W7 with this error message on windows update:
and called it an unidentified error.

Some help please.
I've tried via windows update (through ethernet), deleted Microsoft security essencials and turned off the firewall. After the download i've pluged out the ethernet cable (no WiFi).

Still the problem persists.

I'm dowloading the ISO to try that path.

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