Windows 10 New Win10 Install - hangs on blue Windows logo at startup


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I reinstalled Windows10 from scratch yesterday (this is the 5th time this year).

It installed fine. But on a cold startup it will get stuck at the black screen with the Blue Windows logo and no spinner. This happens about 50% of the time. If I reset the computer sometimes I am lucky and it will go to that same screen but have a spinner and then I know it will boot into Windows properly.

I've run scandisk on both drives, memory check, etc. Not sure what to do now, this is my last attempt with Windows 10. Win7 worked fine for 8 years on the first install.


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How old is the computer? Not how long you have had it, but its actual age. You should also try Safe Mode if possible.

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I built it in late 2011/12 and have slowly upgraded some parts on it. So its still plenty usable.

AMD FX 6100 6core, 16gb ram, nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti

I plan to upgrade someday but will hold off another year or 3.

Not sure what safe mode will do as I can't boot up in that everytime. Everything works, it just gets stuck 50% of the time and I hit restart it might make it through to Windows.