Student offer confusion!


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Aug 22, 2009
rock_doctor;80759 said:
I was under the impression the UK was not going to get the upgrade version due to some legal mistake MS made but they were going to give out only the full version. So i think you will end up with a full version. Either way you can do a clean install with the vista install. All you have to do is access the upgrade disc in vista and it puts a tag on the hd that is seen by 7 that will allow a clean install ontop of an existing vista install. So you are good to go either way.

I hate when people talk like they're 12! It drives me absolutely nuts. Besides, half of this crap either isn't true or doesn't make any freakin' sense at all...

What's all this... "I think, I think" crap. Why don't you find out some facts instead of babbling like a child? You're probably confusing this European person even more than I did, but at least what I said made some sense and I provided links for clarification.:eek:
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