Windows 7 Stuttery/Jittery Audio


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I have just installed the 7 beta on my HP NX9600 and I am having some audio problems. All of the audio sounds jittery/stuttery. I am wondering if it may be a driver problem. I have tried downloading the latest drivers from Windows Update, however the installation fails. Also the installation of the drivers from HP fail.

Any suggestions would be appriciated.

That sounds like a driver problem for sure.. What I would suggest is seeking out the latest Windows Vista Drivers for your audio hardware and installing those ;).. that should make a difference (in a good way).. And remember if your using the 64 bit Win 7 try to find the latest 64 bit version. If this doesn't work than you may just have to wait until there is a Windows 7 driver released for your audio hardware.. unfortunately..

If that doesn't work though you should post a screen of the error you get when trying to install. ;)
HP doesnt seem to have Vista drivers, which driver site would you suggest to get vista drivers. The audio card is a Conexant AC-97.
I don't really know any sites to suggest as HP and Vista drivers don't really go together that well and are almost non existant from what I hear.. I've tried searching for something that might work for ya but I'm not having much luck.. I'll keep lookin though and report back if I can find any..

Curious, did you try just using the Windows XP drivers?
There is a message that comes up that says installation failed with the XP drivers. I had the Vista RC and everything worked just fine, so this is confusing me. I have just reinstalled, because I think I may have messed something up.

Update: I reinstalled the beta, and was able to install the latest XP drivers from HP. This yielded no improvement. On Softpedia I found Vista drivers for the AC-97 (Link Removed - Invalid URL) This yielded a failed installation.
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