Sudden failed Windows Updates (4/12/16) in Vista Home Premium

Hi, specs: HP/Compac SR5233 PC, Windows Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, use 3 browsers: AOL software, I.E.9, Chrome (version might be: 49.0.2623.112 m) (Need any other info?)
Suddenly, the updates are failing. The batch is from 4/12/16. There are about 14 updates. Never had problem before. Could one of the browsers be the problem? There is an announcement on Chrome that it has stopped "updates" (not Windows Updates) for those with Vista.
Can someone please advise?
Thank you so much.


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Thank you! I did try something from the Microsoft site & did't function. Will try your link. To follow.


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Hi massachusetts123,
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I might add also that you need to check your computer for viruses/malware, as there are lots of those out there that shutoff your ability to get new updates, or insert bad updates that keep your computer from working correctly. Spyware viruses do this a lot, so it's a good idea to download and run the free MALWAREBYTES antispyware scanner available from You should run this scanner after running whatever antivirus scanner you already have installed.

Just so you are aware, Microsoft now has problems about once a month with their weekly Tuesday-push updates, and it's usually a tell-tale sign to repair Techs like me that if your updates suddenly stop updating, or programs or devices that used to work no longer do so 1-3 days after the last Tuesday update came in, chances are your computer is not healthy and needs servicing or self-maintenance at the very least.

However, a number of my Clients still get wack-a-doodled right after a Tuesday update, and I know their computers are free of viruses/malware and have the correct settings on them since I repaired and maintained them recently. In this case, you may have inadvertently stumbled onto what I like to call a "coincidental hardware failure". This occurs when a piece of hardware in your computer (such as a RAM stick or the hard drive) begins to fail, or completely fails, and the symptoms closely mimic software problems.

I urge you to run Kemical's suggested tool, then run your antivirus scanner, and Malwarebytes, and see if you do have any malware on your computer; those tools I suggested will help you to safely remove it. Repeat booting your PC and pulling down ALL Microsoft updates, making sure that your Updates settings are set to download and install those updates immediately, not later. This may take several hours or even a couple of days to get them all into your computer properly. If your computer cannot do this after doing the virus/malware check, it's quite likely your Windows has become corrupted and you can attempt to repair via a System Restore, or Windows Reset with factory Recovery media (Disc or USB stick) to fix.

I usually prefer to check the hardware prior to doing extensive Windows repairs up to and including a factory Windows reset, especially on older computers such as yours, as it's more likely to have failed than your software. This is also very true if you've never had to replace your hard drive or ever do a Windows reset from the time you unpacked the computer out of it's shipping box.

Give those things a try and let us know how things are going.
Best of Luck, :eagerness:

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Thank you for all this info. I did shut off the McAfee program a while ago because it slows things down a lot. I will consider the above programs as well.
I ran the FixIt and here are its Evaluation, and then the Changes/Fixes made to computer. I've uploaded 2 photo captures. (jpg)

Right now, I am running Windows Update Checker, and screen shows a history of "never" been checked before, and NO updates ever installed. I guess it re-sets to 0. So now the Checker will probably take a very long time. And hopefully there will be Updates to install and probably take more time. Does this sound about right? And that I could expect a very long checking? It's still checking.
Or is it possible the Checker is not functioning correctly as well?

THank you again!


I will leave the computer now as the Checker could take very long. I'll return later. thx.


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Hi mass;
I just picked up your reply as working elsewhere on some other folks' problems. I'll suggest that kemical backstop me on the analysis of your 2 posted reports (thanks!), but here's what it looks like. Both reports show that there is some sort of problem with the Service Registration component. That certainly could be a problem.:worry: As far as the checker goes, that usually finishes in a short period of time 1-3 hours or sometimes even 15 min. You need to give it plenty of time. As for the updates, once they start re-populating via new download from the Microsoft servers.

That process could take from several hours to 2 days or more with lots of reboots along the way. You need to patient, very patient for that process as your computer should continue downloading and install ALL updates until when you manually click on the "check for new updates" settings you get "0 updates to install" or similar message like "No new updates to install". Once that's done, you've got all the updates into that computer's Windows that you can get; and when you get there the computer is operating properly.

If that fails to occur you may have to resort to more drastic measures, such as System Restore or a factory Windows Reset.


I'm so sorry to mention. I fixed the Serv. Registration since taking that snapshot. It came out "successful". THANK YOU. Well then, I'm off for next few hours, it sounds. I'll report what happens. Hpefully positive. to follow....

2 1/2 hrs+ later, the Wind.UPdate checker is still running. I can't recall if it would be showing items as they collect in a list. The Checker is only showing same box, of Checker running but nothing else below, no list or anything coming up. Is that normal? Will the full show up at end of Check? Or maybe this is not functioning either.

I'll point out that the light that will come on, on the computer tower that shows activity... this light blinks either every 5 secs. or 10 secs. A running program on my computer ;usually causes that light to run mad. This seems quiet. Would this seem unusual if updates are loading?
thanks again.
By the way, I appreciate all your comments and thoroughness. I follow you.

Hi! I have never ran Vista! It's very hard to be patient, especially when there are no progressive bars showing you whats going on. I have read where users said it took all night to get windows up dates installed. BBJ said it could take several hours or even days. I would give it a day to complete. Maybe BBJ and @kemical will reply to your thread latter? Some times they get busy, but they will reply when they have time!;)

This is helpful. If anyone else knows differently, I'm open to that too. thx

UPDATE: Wow, all of a sudden the Updates have arrived all in one shot. Not that many (31) considering how many years I've had the computer. More might show up later tho.
Hopefully these will install fine. I'll return if it fails.
I thank all of you and your excellent advice. Microsoft was no help.
Keep it going.
Have a great weekend.


:up::martini:Thanks for the up date! That's a joke. Windows up date!!


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UPDATE: Wow, all of a sudden the Updates have arrived all in one shot. Not that many (31) considering how many years I've had the computer. More might show up later tho.
Hopefully these will install fine. I'll return if it fails.
I thank all of you and your excellent advice. Microsoft was no help.
Keep it going.
Have a great weekend.

Glad to hear your issue is resolved. If you should get any further problems please post back.


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Yes, Glad to hear things are working now for you!! :applaud:

Always glad to assist.

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