Windows 7 Suddenly a new "Unidentified network" for Loopack: How to remove?


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Since a few days I have a new network in

Control Panel--Network and internet--network and Sharing Center:

Its labelled "unidentified network" and acts as loopback.

See attached snapshot.

I cannot figure out how this network entry was created.
As far as I remember my Win7 worked well for a long long time without this.

Under "Access type" it is noted "No network access"

How can I temporarily disable this network (to see possible errors)?

How can I remove this entry forever?



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    unidentified network.png
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A loopback adapter is just a connection that never leaves the machine through the network stack. Some application may have installed it.

Open a powershell prompt and run the following

Get-NetAdapter | Out-File -FilePath "$($env:USERPROFILE)\Desktop\net.txt" -Append -Encoding ascii
Get-NetTcpConnection | Out-File -FilePath "$($env:USERPROFILE)\Desktop\net.txt" -Append -Encoding ascii
Get-Package | Out-File -FilePath "$($env:USERPROFILE)\Desktop\net.txt" -Append -Encoding ascii

If the last command doesn't work you can run this one instead
Get-WmiObject Win32_Product | Out-File -FilePath "$($env:USERPROFILE)\Desktop\net.txt" -Append -Encoding ascii

Upload the net.txt file from your desktop