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    A) Some people have said Multiple Desktops & Task View is silly or unnecessary or 'geeky' when I suggested it could be put to good use.

    B) Windows 10 allows some funky snapping. 1/2 screen or 1/4 screen. And everything 'floats' & is sizable.

    Well, it is becomes bloody neat when you combine A & B! Hypothetically, let's say you have 4 things that make some kind of logical sense together... and it's nice to see them all simultaneously.
    Grab one Desktop & snap the 4 of them in it. IDK, maybe Outlook, Skype, Calendar & Maps or something (your office)

    Now, another Desktop just has a tabbed browser, w/ some related sites (some special interest group).

    One has your Home page & some misc. sites & the Weather APP (just examples)

    And another w/ some other related sites in a tabbed browser, plus a couple APPs that are akin to them or those.

    Well, it does become VERY cool, clean, slick & quite tidy & organised when they can all exist, each very different, each staying as configured & intact as you switch to whatever you want.
    AND you can, still, use Alt-Tab or hover across the Taskbar to pick something.
    Anyway, combine Snap & Multiple Desktops in Windows 10 and things can be darn, clever, creative & convenient... @ least that's what I think.

    Windows 10OS.

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