suspicious background service?

Hello everyone!

While adjusting startup services in msconfig I came across some odd entries in my services tab (screenshot below).
The title "bba0e" seems quite unusual.
The search engine did not provide any results, so I became suspicious.
I can not deactivate any of those, the checkmarks just keep coming back after applying.
My Antivirus does not provide any negative results.

So whats the deal with that?
Thanks in advance!



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bba0e is a 3rd party driver service and not anything to do with Windows... personally I don't like any of those [so called] driver improvement systems and don't trust them
Thank you!

How to remove or disable them?
They are labelled as windows services, so they made themselves appear as official and legit.
I can not disable them in msconfig the checkmarks just keep coming back.
Also there is no application tight to it, as far as I can see.
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It's to those driver update programs you have downloaded whether purposely or inadvertently. Simply just uninstall the software.


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Try right click the start icon and select ruin.
Type "Services.msc"
Select those items (if they are there?) and disable them.
Thanks for your help!

After reboot I get a different suffix "6f1fe".
In Services.msc I simply cannot change the status of these operations, it just wont let me choose anything but launch type "automatic". Most are set to "manual".
I launched Services.msc as administrator of course.
Should I try to delete the executables?



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All of the services with the same random 4-7 values are related to Windows UWP applications. Disabling them will break functionally and any of them not in use will suspend which uses virtually no resources, so it's safe to just leave them