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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by asdasdasdasd, Sep 2, 2009.

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    I'm using Win 7 Ultimate and I recently created a system image that I now want to restore it. I have 1 HDD that has been partioned into 2 drives and when I system imaged, it believe it only imaged my C: which has Win 7 on it.

    Now, I just want to make sure before I restore the image that the process will only replace the data on my C: and leave the partition and data on D: which is on the same HDD untouched. Could anyone (espically if you've image recovered before) please confirm that D: will be left untouched, or at the very east not wiped.

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    It's supposed to mount the image on the partition you specify however nothing is guaranteed many things are supposed to operate safely but can destroy data anyway. The answer here is that if data is important back it up before you proceed.
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    There are no guarantees when it comes to computers and data.
    The best solution in any situation is Backing up data you do not wish to lose.

    There are 2 groups when it comes to data.....

    a.) Those who have lost data

    b.) Those who will lose data

    To maybe help shed more light on this fact.... I have lost lots of data.... family pictures I can never get back.

    I now have a system with a mirror and I need to get a big enough external drive to do regular backups of that.
    I had one of the drives on the mirror go bad about 2 weeks ago and had to replace one. This went smoothly enough, but I was still worried about losing data during the rebuild. Luckily I didn't, but it put the fact that I need to get it backed up from the mirror as well, just incase.
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