Windows 7 System32 issues...


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Hey there Windows7 Forums,

Today I decided I was going to modify my computer which involved chiefly, the manipulation of .dll's in the system32 folder. The .dll's I know I manipulated were themeservice.dll , themeui.dll, and uxtheme.dll.

In order to do this, I had to change ownership of the computer to my account instead of "TrustedInstaller" or something like that. (I figured this would be important though I'm not sure if I successfully did or did not. I know I messed with a lot of ownership.)

Once I manipulated these I started getting some significant errors. The one I noticed most was the fact that I was missing "API-MS-WIN-CORE-Local Registry- L1- 1 - 0.dll" and that I needed to reinstall it.

I've tried doing a system restore point and check the system for hardware errors but neither have worked.

I think I have build 7000. Right now, I found a link to re-download the .iso image so I can reinstall.

Just a thought of my own- what if someone were to send me a copy of the .dll's I manipulated (themeservice.dll , themeui.dll, and uxtheme.dll) and the one it says I'm missing (API-MS-WIN-CORE-Local Registry- L1- 1 - 0.dll) and then go through DOS to copy them over from one drive to another and replace what I need. Would that work?
You could try the manual copying through DOS or, if you did a dual boot with another OS, you could try to copy through another Windows. Only thing, some of the system .dll files are not included in a restore because they are not supposed to be touched. Just saying, that's all.
Yeah so I fixed it. Because I was able to dual boot, I just replaced the modified .dll's with the original ones by accessing my drive on my other OS. All the errors were resolved. The "API-MS-WIN-CORE-Local Registry- L1- 1 - 0.dll" went away as well even though I didn't/couldn't find anything about it.