Windows 7 Systemwide thumbnail dissapearance.


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My computer became infected with the Win32/virut virus last night. Having battled for hours this morning I think I have removed it. There is still an error when starting firefox (jl.chura.pc/rl) but that is not the question for now...

During the clean up I performed a disk cleanup, which it seems included deleting all thumbnails system wide.
Any folders containg photos don't have thumbails, they don't even have an icon, just the folder. Same for all the photos within, just the filename. Changing the view in each folder to 'large icons' makes the thumbnails reappear - for that folder. I have thousands of folders of photos so doing this for each one is not a viable option.

All of the photos used in Windows Themes are also now not working. They, like before, do not show up when selecting images to be used within a theme. Selecting a picture to be used for the background just outputs black.

I am currently using 7048, but am downloading 7077 (Assuming its not a fake) at the moment. Will upgrading fix my problem?
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Infected with a virus .

Have you any idea what the source of the virus may be ? If it was something you downloaded you could try a roll back too an earlier time when things worked well . You have nothing to lose give it a try and good luck .
Yeah I tried rolling back to a point before I installed the problem program but no dice, (not sure what the point of system restore is if it doesn't work for these sort of problems - seems like a probable usage), even going back a month or more EVERYTHING was still infected, subsequent solutions of how to perge the virus on the internet told me turn off restore so the points have been deleted now anyways. I am in the middle of studying for my finals at the moment so don't want the hassle of reinstalling Windows right now, just need the computer to survive for the next month or so then I can wipe it. But being able to see my pictures is a must.
Try spyware Blaster

Attached is the warning firefox gives me on start up. No Malware/Spyware/Virus removers seem able to detect it though.

It may work other then that for now I am at a loss as to how to help further . Sure there may be others who can hep you though as soon as they read your post .