Windows 7 Talking XNA with Shawn Hargreaves and Charles Cox

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    Ever wanted to make your own game? XNA Game Studio enables game development for everyone on Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone 7. Join Shawn Hargreaves and Charles Cox as they dive into the world of Indie game development, and answer community questions about XNA Game Studio, the XNA Creators Club Online, game development with managed code, and more.

    Other topics include:

    • Game Development for Windows Phone 7
    • XNA Game Studio and Silverlight – Games and Apps
    • GPU Acceleration
    • The History of XNA Game Studio
    • .NET Garbage Collection Tips for XNA Game Studio
    • Managed Code Performance Tips
    • DirectX 11 or XNA Game Studio – Making the Choice
    • Introducing Reach and HiDef Graphics Profiles
    • Visual Basic in XNA Game Studio
    • XAML and Event-Driven Programming in XNA Game Studio
    Show Links:

    XNA Creators Club Online
    XNA Developer Education Roadmap
    Shawn Hargreaves’ Blog
    XNA Team Blog
    Download XNA Game Studio 4.0



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