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I installed Windows 10 (upgrading a Windows 7 Toshiba Laptop) several weeks ago and everything seemed to be working fine. A few days ago I started to see that when I went to close down the laptop "Task Host stopping background tasks" If I cancelled the shutdown (thinking something was still updating) no matter how long I left it (tried up to 2 hours once) when selecting shut down again I had the same thing. So I was forced to select "Shut down anyway"

I have looked in the update settings when this is happening and a row of dots are running across the top of the page. Indicating to me it's doing some sort of update. But what?

I have seen other topics talking about Firefox, is this possibly the problem. I was previously used IE and Firefox occasionally. As IE has been replaced by Edge I thought I should try to use this instead, but as soon afterwards I got a message saying NORTON (as yet) was not supporting Edge and I should not use it (or something like that). I then changed my defaults to Firefox (my second choice). I am wondering what Windows 10 is doing to all my favourites from when I used IE. Is this causing the issues. At times when I return to Firefox for a second time, I get a message saying Firefox is still open! And I should close it. I don't understand this and I can't find anything to confirm that it's indeed already open.

Having tried to open Firefox for a second time, the Laptop works so slow it's almost unusable. The only way is to force a shut down and start again, it's then OK till you try and open Firefox for a second time.

Any thoughts?


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Do you see Firefox running in the Task Manager (right click the taskbar and select)? If so, right click and select "End Task". After an update it will normally need to be restarted.

Firefox updates normally take only a few seconds. If it is the cause perhaps something has infected it.

While Task Manger is open, if the system is running slow, look to see if anything is using CPU time.


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Hi Saltgrass, sorry for the delay in replying, with hoiliday breaks etc I have only just got back in action. I did fing the task manager has items running that I did not require so I removed them from the start up. I also re-indexed many of my items and It's made all the difference. I will see if I get any further problems over the next few days.

Thanks again


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I have had no further problems. Since the lastest large update taking me to Version 1551, Windows seems to have greatly improved.
Many thanks

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