Taskbar Icon Changes

Taskbar icon changes do not appear to take affect until after a reboot. Anyone experiencing this?


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Could you explain this in a lttle more detail?

Here are the steps

1. Choose any executable
2. Create a short cut on the desktop
3. Launch the shortcut
4. On the taskbar right click the icon and pin to taskbar
5. Close the app
6. Right click the icon on the taskbar
7. Right click the app description to bring up the context menu showing properties
8. Click properties
9. Change the icon to something else and close

The icon does not change on the taskbar until you reboot.



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Yes, things and changed in Windows 7

You just need to drag the shortcut and pin that to the taskbar and it will stay there

Taskbar icon changes do not take affect until reboot

True but irrelevant for this discussion. The problem is that changing a taskbar icon properties does not take affect until a reboot.


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OK, gotcha.

This is probably due to the fact that a change is made to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE branch in the registry.

Whenever changes are made under this key, a reboot is required.


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It is the default action in Windows 7. The clumsy way to do it is to drag the program to the desktop first, change the icon, and then pin it to the taskbar.

Task Bar Icons changes do not take affect until after a reboot

Ok Thanks

Maybe MS will fix this prior to RTM.

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