Windows 7 Taskbar


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My Windows 7 taskbar is 'hidden' in that it only appears if I move my mouse pointer to the area where it would normally be (the bottom of the screen). Under normal circumstances, this is how I want it. However, there are times when I need to access the lateral scroll bar at the bottom of the screen (eg. photo editing) and I have to sneak up on the scroll bar otherwise the task bar opens over it and I am not always successful in this.
Hope that makes sense
Is there anyway that I can very temporarily stop the task bar from appearing when I mouse to the bottom of the screen
Thanks in advance for any suggestions
Thanks for the suggestion kaos. I tried Stardock but it made things even worse. It obscured the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen even more than the task bar does.

(To clarify - When you magnify a document so that it is 'larger' than the screen, a grey scroll bar appears at the bottom of the screen to allow you to move the document left and right. It is access to this scroll bar which is being hampered by the task bar appearing over it and obscuring it)
Thanks Rachel, a great suggestion. Taskbar Eliminator appears to have solved my problem.

(You haven't got any equally great ideas for a shortage of cash have you)