Windows 10 Temporary Profiles All the Time


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Aug 24, 2022
I have a problem with temporary profiles. Read the first post here: Can't ping DC. That explains this problem as well, in my background information. Basicaly, I fixed the communication with the DC. Then, I enabled users for the computer store to work with. Then I took it to my local computer store, because I was having trouble narrowing it down. They just suggested a business plan, which being low income, I can't do.

The step remained, of trying to go here for help. As soon as I took it in, I found out that I DO have the same trouble with multiple computers. So it's definately a network problem. The problem is that I always get temporary profiles and therefore, the windows store apps don't work either.

So I'm asking for help here, because I don't know what to do, besides discontinue all Windows support and only use Linux, which I don't want to do yet. Then I would never have gpos or anything. It'd get a little complicated. Please help.
If Microsoft discontinues Windows 10 support and doesn't come out with Windows 12, or at least fix all the customization issues with Windows 11, I guess I may be out anyway, of the Windows game. But I don't want to yet...
It's a firewall issue for sure! I narrowed it down. And, it's a group policy issue! The firewall is being controlled by group policy. Will someone help me learn the minimum firewall for a domain PC? That is for sure what it is! I could always disable the firewall again, but that's not the preferred solution. The preferred solution would be to configure a minimum firewall for a domain. Then, as needed, keep adjusting it. It's really more secure on both server and client to have a firewall. It blocks a lot of bad traffic. However, right now, if enabled, it's blocking perfectly valid traffic, that should go through. So far, since it's harder on the server, I have it disabled. Should I just do so with the client machine too? I don't really want to, but I will, if I have to.
so this is a Windows 11 network issue... on a personal computer?

p.s, Windows 10 ends in 2025
Windows 10 issue. Yes personal computer. I have enough machines I use a domain. Might swich dc to linux later. Yes firewall was issue, but looks like there is more than one gpo issue. Im back to being lost. About 3 quarters ago in school, i started to use a domain. I had no problems until school was over. Now suddenly, a problem. I did also add pfsense.
By the way, now that im out of school, ill probably wait til a possible windows 12 before upgrading.
was this school running its own proxy server perhaps? and I'd check the account settings don't link to some school email account

p.s, yes hold onto Windows 10 as long as you can
Its not linked to anything about the school. Because of covid, i was mostly at home. It is my own laptop. I read elsewhere that unjoining to domain, deleting profiles, then rejoining may help. Ill try it!
Nope, it didn't help. I DO know the issue must be somewhere in gpos though.
First the firewall was blocking. Then, i found out it behaves that way for guests, which was my second problem. Third, my regular administrators profile really was corrupted.
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