Windows 7 Text input problem


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I have a very weird problem.

I live in Brazil and my PC is using WIN 7 PT-BR, meaning that everything in the system is in PT-BR.

Now to my problem - related to numbers:
In English (EN) we use to write numbers like this: 1.00 or 1,000.00 (using the decimal point "." ).
In Portuguese we use it like this: 1,00 or 1.000,00 (using the decimal comma ",").

Now there is a site (in Portuguese, and you can't access it, sorry) that is asking the user to input a number.

In another computer I have I input:
1 and on the screen I see: 1,0000(as it should be)

On MY computer I input 1 and I get 1.000

Now instead of 1,0000 (which mean 1 product) I get 1.000 which is 1000 products.

I tried to change all the options in the control panel..and NOTHING.