Text marker turns white everywhere...


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Today when i powered on my pc, then i see my mouse pointer suddenly changed from black to white, when i
press any seach bars in ect firefox or windows seach menus, when clearly it shows black colour in mouse settings.

And it wasent like this last day. I dident install anything since.

What is going on here ?

Last time my mouse was messed up then it was a nvidia driver problem and it fixed the wierd red plus + + icons i had for a pointer, but now the colours changes..and its a transparent white icon

I tryed to uninstall Nvidia drivers and then the pointer want normal again but after my system reinstall the standart nvidia driver then its back to the white colour again...

It only happens when i enable HDR.


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Yes but bot the text marker..that one use to be black..so why does does it change white when i activate HDR and gets black when i disable HDR