Windows 10 The AMD driver for HP reverts every time it is restarted.


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Nov 5, 2022
Dear fellow technicians. The video driver does not work after I installed Windows 10 64-bit. From the HP website, there are three video drivers to choose from, the Windows Generic video driver, the AMD driver 1, and the AMD driver 2. My manual download of the HP/AMD driver worked well too, as did the generic driver. When I restart after uninstalling problematic driver #2, I can then install driver #1, or driver #3, which works well until I uninstall the problematic driver #2 again. I keep getting Windows reverting back to the very poor driver #2 when I restart. A typical symptom of driver 2 is that it freezes every three seconds, stays frozen for one second, then thaws for three seconds, then freezes again. The problem is definitely related to the driver, and it is not a PC slowdown problem or a virus.

Whenever I reinstall a video driver, the system switches to a different one. How can I permanently select a driver, and reinstall as often as needed? Thanks everyone

Did you delete the driver?

From an elevated command, powershell or terminal prompt.

Locating the driver:
pnputil /enum-drivers

Locate the driver via the name and driver version. Match up to the one you wish to delete.
Make note of the OEM##.inf file

Delete the driver:
pnputil /delete-driver OEM##.inf

Additionally if you do not want Windows updating drivers
Open system settings [Win Key + i]
Click 'Windows Updates'
Click 'Advanced options'
Turn off 'Receive updates for other Microsoft products'