Windows 7 the Blue screen of death everytime restart or shutdown


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Hi. I'm having the Blue screen of death everytime i restart or shutdown. can anyone point me in the right direction to eleviating the problem. Windows 7 runs smoothly if it weren't for that. Any help would be appreciated.


First, when you restart, does it crash when Windows is about about to restart, or when it's always rebooted.
If it's before it restart, maybe you got a buggy software that crash when you try to shut it down or restart, go in :
Control Panel --> Administration Tools --> Event Viewer, and look at the application event and system event, it should tell you what make you crash, otherwise, if there is nothing, try to shut each program you think that make you crash before restarting or shutting down your computer.

I have the same problem as you, but it only when I'm using flash in full screen mode.
I have exactly the same problem, however on my home computer. On my notebook it shut's down just fine. Anyone any clue?
same problem here. the system event viewer says error 8032, source BROWSER.
my browser is firefox. i quitted firefox before shutting down and still the same error: bccode 10000007e.
what to do???
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sorry. had a screen problem and subscribe tab was not showing. o.k. now.
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