The configuration registry database is corrupt

I have had this problem a few times and it causes the laptop to jam ever minute for five secs.
Win 7 Pro 32bit on ProBook 4310s. I thought a reload would help so did this.
It was doing it updates and a pop up "The configuration registry database is corrupt". Now the problem is back after reload. Device mgr shows no errors at all. About the fourth time this has happended and I am presenting tomorrow.
Tried sfc/ scannow and could not start the repair service.

Thank you


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I will assume you have an idea of what the error message means, so we need to figure out what is corrupting the registry. During boot the system has the ability to repair parts of the registry, if it can.

Does Windows Update appear to be working normally?

Are you running some type of Anti-virus, and which one is it?

How you do you shut down your system in between usage periods? If it sleeps, do you leave open applications?

The information on the SFC check might be found in the CBS.log in the Windows\Logs\CBS folder. You might try searching for TrustedInstaller from the bottom up. It will be necessary to copy the log to the desktop in order to open it with notepad.

You might also open the services dialog (services.msc) and look for the Windows Module Installer and see if it is running, and if not (which is OK) can you start it?

Thanks for the quick reply.
I treat all my computers very well. Always shutdown and turn off every few hours if not in use. The error appeared this time during the long list of updates (100). Kasp Pure is on.
If I try and start it, error 1009 The configuration registry database is corrupt. In the CBS log tonees of mentions.
Also in event log all sorts of things, service stops, service enabled


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Then you may want to try turning Kapersky off, and look to see if it has a boot scan type option to turn. If you want to stay off the net while testing you might just do that. The system can repair certain things on its own, but it might need idle time to even start. If Windows Update is showing many failed updates, the anti-virus could be the cause. If it does end up related to Kapersky, and you can't find some setting to help, some folks here suggest uninstalling it and using Microsoft Security Essentials.

The only time I have seen more than about 12 updates being done at once is when I had a new install. If you are seeing that many being done and it is not due to a reinstall, you might try doing the Windows updates yourself and allowing just a few at a time.

As far as the CBS log, what does it say about the TrustedInstall and whether it can be started or not. Can you copy and paste some of the lines concerning that entry?

This is odd. Went into services.msc tried to enable it and failed. While I was there I change the setting on installer, rebooted, no freezes and updates now work again.
So for now its ok - thank you.


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Hope it keeps working, but so I understand.

You changed the setting on the Windows Modules Installer, and what settings did you change?

Went into services.msc and set to start disabled. Strangely updates are running, there is one big one SP2 Office which hasnt come in.
Thanks and will monitor this thread via email.

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