The New Search Functions in Windows 8.1 and Respective Hotkey Changes

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    Today I finally took the time to look into the error that was preventing me from installing Windows 8.1, and I was easily able to overcome it after reading a short guide regarding two commands in command prompt. I was successfully able to install windows 8.1 as a result, and everything is working perfectly. However, much to my displeasure the search function has been changed. After getting Windows 8.0 upon it's release I quickly adapted to using the windows key + w, I even remapped my caps lock key to function as a third windows key for ease of access. While it was probably something that most people griped about, it was one of the features I really favored about Windows 8, I used the search function via hotkey to open probably 90% of the items on my computer.

    In Windows 8.1 the search function has been altered, the hotkey for windows key + w now opens a menu on the side of the screen preset for searching for settings. After searching for some information online, I found that windows key + f opens a search for files, but it appears there is no hotkey for "search everything", of course I can change it to search for everything in the drop down on the top of the search menu, but it's an inconvenience, perhaps a seemingly small one, but for as much as I use this feature the negative impact on my convenience is very noticeable to me.

    The purpose of my post is to ask if there is anyway I can revert the search functions and respective hotkeys back to the way they were ere Windows 8.1. I'm not very optimistic, but is this possible? It's important enough for me to at least try to find a solution, but if I cannot I will just have to deal with it and adapt.

    Thank you in advance, any help is much appreciated.

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