The Price is not Right


I have enjoyed using the Windows 7 RC.
I was emailed an offer to upgrade to Windows 7.
The email says the discount price because I have been testing the release candidate, is $99 for Pro.
When I click on the link the price says $199.
What is up with the bait and switch tactic Microsoft?
Are you trying to rip us off after doing the beta test work for your company?
I want to pre-order Windows 7 Pro ASAP but not at $199.


I think the deal expired about a week or so ago. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.

When did you receive the email?

The discounted upgrades (Home Premium, Pro) were available at the Microsoft store from June 26 to July 11. The deal was billed as a reward to the public beta testers, but it wasn't limited to us.

The discounted pre-orders were also available from third parties (Amazon, Best Buy, NewEgg, etc.). I doubt that the deal still exists with any of them, either. (Costco has the upgrades available for pre-order at a whopping $5 discount.)

I suppose that OEM system builder licenses will be available at some time, like for XP or Vista, but as far as I know, Microsoft hasn't announced price or availability.

I can see your point NeuromancerCT but in all fairness, Microsoft didn't force you to Beta test their software.. ;)

I think the price is BS. I believe that the price point should 100 for the ultimate and less. As far I can see that I dont seem to like the RC as much as the original build.

As far I can see that I dont seem to like the RC as much as the original build.
What does that even mean?? What is the "original build".. ;) The Beta? I agree the Beta was good but the RC is definitely better than the Beta was.. and the RTM is even better than that.. ;)

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