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Hey windows forums long time no see! Anywho on a few other tech forums with a linux section I go to I try to manke a anual list of Linux distros for windows users to try on the side and with Linus covering Linux recently I actually have a list of linux distros to try.

1: Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon
Linux mint is my main suggestion to new users, and its current Cinnamon desktop offers a very windows 7/10 like icon task manager.
Its a very good starting point for new users, highly recommended!

2: Kubuntu 18.04.1
Wow Kubuntu is actually very good again! Despite its very vanilla KDE desktop its a nice distro, and has a fairly decent app center.
It is a bit plain Jane but if you are looking for another good windows 7 replacement/alternative this is where to go!

3: MX Linux 18
Okay this one is a bit of a surprise, as while its not that much like Windows in terms of UI and it does have a bit of a learning curve I have seen nothing but praise for MX linux. Mind you if you have certain modern hardware you may want to skip this one but if you got a old clunker around say something from 2006 or above this is not a bad option at all. For more modern machines stick with Mint or Kubuntu, if you have a 4GB cap and have a core2duo or something this may be a good distro to invest in. Plus I did want to take a brief break from the Ubuntu based distros here, MX linux is debian based though and that does come with a few caveats such as newer hardware support isnt as strong.

4: Xubuntu 18.04.1
Again this is mainly here for older machines, and yes this is another ubuntu based distro but for windows users a ubuntu base is rather a good thing.
Xubuntu is stable, fairly easy to use and a nice option for the linux newcommer.

Now my main list has a obvious Ubuntu bias but rest assured there are good non ubuntu based distros.

Solus is rather nice but it doesnt have the software support.
Mageia is also rather nice, though i am not crazy about its installer these days.

Now as for Manjaro.... no dont use it.
I will never recommend Manjaro ever again, its too prone to breaking and I have had a severe game breaking bug on my system.
Actually advise to windows users: DONT! And and I mean DONT! install any arch based distribution unless you know what you are doing, even so called "easy" versions like Antergos have issues that may concern you, use at your own risk!
Also just say no to Kali Linux or tails linux, again DONT! and I mean DONT! install these distros unless you know what you are doing!

These are specialized distros and while not bad Linux versions most people coming into linux might have seen Kali linux on Mr. Robot and have this notion that Kali is something anyone can use and while technically yes thats true i still reccomend other linux distros for linux newcomers to get thier feet wet in the linux ecosystem.

Now i do have a special category called "the garbage bin" distros you should under pain of death never use:
openSUSE (sad as I used to like this distro)
Manjaro Linux (same as above)
Maui linux (its dead)
Netrunner linux (constant dropping of project/ inconsistent management)
PClinuxOS (Third party software installation is near impossible, very rude community too)
RedStarOS (seriously its a north Korean distro and its indeed real)
Hannah Montana Linux (again yes I am serious)
Justin Bieber linux (aaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!)
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Ralph Bromley

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KDE neon is nice and I have played around with it.
My only issue is that its very bare bones even compared to kubuntu and kubuntu is already vanilla.
I mean yeah its KDE's own distro and yes its meant to be vanilla but i actually like a mix of apps.


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I like vanilla, prefer a light build and add only what I want.

Ralph Bromley

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Eh there is such thing as too vanilla though, I actually like some chocolate in the mix :D
And sometimes i prefer the more chocolate approach.
Like what Ubuntu has done to gnome shell, turned it from a crappy iphone interface and made it into a semi less crappy iphone interface.


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We're completely different, most my installs start with the bare minimum. As for Gnome I can't stand it. So KDE it is.