The Windows Seven Screenshot thread


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Well, I decided to make a thread where all the screenshots of Windows Seven that I find will be posted here.

Here is a cool mockup that I found:

I personaly think that it looks pretty good to me.

taskbar only cool with clock


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Well, Windows 7 will be getting rid of the taskbar, as it will be having a whole new interface. So, this was basically a mockup of what the pie menues in Seven could look like.

btw, welcome to the forum, asfaltas.

I really hope that isn't what Windows 7 is going to look like. :S This UI will be good for like average users but any body advanced will be very mad.

I really hope it will be so because,i think with a little time to learn it would be ok,plus that i want a change!


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Well snake, there is a button in the mockup that says "classic menu", so you can have the old interface if you want.

Chaoswarrior, yeah, I really want to have the new interface. :(

dont like it. very impractical.

well see...


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Well, that could be how the new media center looks, and I think if you had that with a touch interface, or better, a interface where you point at something and it gets selected, like with the Wii (i think that's how it works anyway).

it looks nice but i think you'll need a very good computer

Nice concept! :) well it looks like that what I imagine on Windows 7.....well If i'm very much skilled n Photoshop, and have sources of icon png files maybe I will make my own concept... ;) :p

Have a live visual browser view on explorer, can group stacked live windows on docks(replace for taskbar), flip3D virtual live desktops and user desktop switching when you want to switch currently other logged on user desktops(admin user can only switched desktop on other user)......

I think Windows 7 might have this one cuz I have read that it will have some virtualization technology like Hypervisors...this one might some good example (I like Windows to have it's own built-in Virtual Desktops like Mac OS X and Ubuntu)


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Yeah, that should be in the next version of windows, virtualization, and multiple desktops would be good too, so that you could have a desktop for each thing that your working, like work in one and personal stuff in another.

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