Windows 7 Theme Personalization - few questions


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May 5, 2009
I have included snapshot of my desktop, how/can I change these options?
Tried anything to change that color but no positive result, this is the color whit all aero themes. If I switch to windows clasic theme then the color changes to gray but the aero function doesn't work. Anyone got any idea how to change this color?

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If you are referencing the white area located next to Organize and New Library, I don't know a way to change it.

As for the second question, you would have to choose Windows Basic and that would disable the Aero features.
Yeah I am talking exactly for this color.
Thanks for the answer mate I also thought that it can't be changed but needed to ask, windows basic here I come....
No problem,

You can also go to Start >> Run, and type services.msc and Scroll down the list untill you find Themes and change it to Disabled.
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