Windows 8 time out controlled by administration policy

Matt Conlon

New Member
Apr 17, 2013
I configured my Windows 8 machines to use my corporate email (which was on premise Exchange 2010). As soon as I did, it would lock me out after X amount of inactivity and require a password upon my return., I know, great idea, security is important, yada yada... but I work from home, in my own office. I don't have snoops skulking around my desk, so I'd like to make this go away.

Now... the questions.

1) Where on my server do I smurf that requirement

2) I've removed that account from one of my devices, but the setting is still there, and says it's controlled by administrative policy even still... where can I remove that from this device?

Just testing to make sure I get an email when someone replies.

Nevermind, I figured it out. You can go into your user account settings and reset security policies.

Hello Matt,
to Windows 8 Forums;

I do apologize for your thread not being answered, I just noticed it myself, but you placed this thread in a non-support forum, which tends to be overlooked as it is for discussions only.
I am glad to hear you resolved your issue and thank you for posting the solution, as it may benefit others.
I will also move this to the appropriate forum.