Tiny system windows on 30" screen

Hi guys,

have you ever tried to take a thing, why some system windows {msconfig, etc} is impossible to enlarge? It is silly, {and really frustrating}, when I have almost 30" LCD and I have to scroll in both directions in tiny 10 x 15 cm window, without any possibility to scale it up, when I am looking for something. I understand, that 15 years ago, with 14" CRT, there was no need for enlarging...

What the hell is wrong? Maybe the programmer, who is responsible for this died 10 years ago... Maybe it's Microsoft philosophy...


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There is a lot of control over Windows using MMC (Microsoft Management Console). You can add snap-ins after you launch it (by using mmc in the search). But for some windows, as you say, they can't be resized. Unfortunately.


...yes, this for some reason is IMPOSSIBLE. It just can't fit into my head...

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