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    Yes, I know it's not a too interesting subject, but I need something for this problem, and have no idea what? eBaying, I came across this machine:

    Which caught my eye, simply because it appeals...if it works? Not too surpisingly, there was another ad with a price ~5 times higher. I have never found much rhyme or reason in the marketing on eBay, but at least it makes the price appear more reasonable. but again...only if it works?

    Before even putting out that much on something such as this, I need to know if anyone has any real experience with this kind of treatment?

    EDIT: I just took another look at the ad, and realized that the price shown is only a bid, not a set price, so I doubt I could afford it anyway. There seems to be no end to the variety of other treatments...lotions, salves, etc. but again, I dislike taking a shot in the dark. If anyone could offer some advice on these, it would help a lot.
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