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Hi, I was looking through my router connections earlier and I spotted a new entry. I have an internal IP address ( but I know that won't help me unless they are active on the network. I also have the MAC (physical) address of the device. What I'm wondering is, is there any way to track a device (in this case, an iPhone) by it's MAC address?

I'm not looking to monitor traffic, but to track a device somewhere on the internet by it's MAC address. Is that possible?


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The MAC address is contained withing the layer 2 frame which in turn is contained withing the layer 3 IP packet. The only way it may be identified is by capturing and analysing data frames within packets and you could only gain access to them on a LAN. Evenif you had access to IP packets across the internet you would need to be capturing and analysing traffic across the entire www. So I'm afraid the short answer is "no."

Darnit. Well, thanks anyways :/

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