Transferring adware to new computer

I have a new Dell Inspirion 540 computer (running Windows 7) that is now infected with Adware-Isearch. When I transferred the files from my old computer which runs Windows XP using a Belkins Easy Transfer cable, the adware was transferred over. When I run McAffee antivirus, the Adware-Isearch program is detected. When I try to delete it, McAffee says it can not be completely removed. This was the situation on my old Windows XP computer also.

I have a second chance to do it right. There was a problem with the Inspiron 540 that Dell couldn't fix, so they sent me a new Inspirion 570. I don't want to infect this computer when I transfer the files from the Inspiron 540. All I really need to transfer is my documents and photos. If I just transfer my word perfect documents and photographs would that prevent the adware from being transferred and infecting the new computer? Can this be done using a custom transfer with Windows Easy transfer? Would it be safer to transfer these files to a flash drive and then to the new computer? Thanks

Hello VictorV I would not recomend that you do any of the above untill you have totaly removed the threat as this is a pesky bit of adware that has been around for years.
I would suggest you go here Remove ISearch Toolbar, removal instructions and read the info there.
Also you should download and run a full scan using malwarebytes anti malware you can get the free version from here Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware : Malwarebytes
Once all is clear you can safely transfer your files.I suppose you could save your photo's etc to a usb pen and then scan the pen before you transfer the files to a new computer.
But if you plan to still use or sell the old computer you should still clean out any viral infections first.
Hope this is of help to you.

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