Trouble connecting Dualshock PS4 Controller to PC


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When I plug in my DS4 controller, an orange/yellow light flashes for a second and fades away, and then nothing happens. The controller connects to my PS4 just fine. I've tried 4 different controllers, none of them are even recognized by my computer in control panel. I've tried every USB port on my PC (they all work fine with other devices), I've tried 2 different micro-USB cables, I've restarted my PC several times, I've reset my controllers. Nothing. Is there any tricks out there to getting a PS4 controller recognized by the PC?


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Try the software inputmapper. That’s what I use for Windows 10 and my DS4. Just to note I have to have it wired and not used via Bluetooth. Other than that could it be driver related? I tried DS4windows and it didn’t work, granted I didn’t look into what the problem could be because I tried inputmapper at the same time and it simply worked so I stayed with it.