Trouble loading Windows 7 Pro

Hi there, I've just built this computer GA-H55M-S2H MOBO running the Intel i5-750, 4 GB (2X2gb) DDR3 1333 PNY. Here's the problem, when loading Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, like alot of people it seems to take forever, but in my case I only get to the starting setup and after 6-8 minuter there the cursor quits going around and around, and I'm frozen. I was told to go into standard BIOS and remove the floppy then go into Advanced Bios and take the floppy out of the boot order, this worked GREAT. Now I could get the the EULA, next I chose "Custom Install" it gave me the message Installing Windows your computer may restart several times. Then it went to "Copying Windows Files", this went very quick and I got a green check mark. Next it went to Expanding Windows Files with the 3 dots going over and over, up to 100%. Then it jumps to Installing features the green bar go about half way across in a second and everything freezes. All parts are new and here is what I've done so far. Replaced Motherboard (with same type), Tried 2 different PCIe Video cards, Tried 2 different HDD's. I've used 3 different memory programs to test the RAM, each time it shows everything is OK. I've taken voltage reading at the power supply (again everything is OK). Additionally I've cleared BIOS, and loaded default settings. I've reformated the HDD under the repair features, and started this over and over many times. This is a MS Disk not one made by a ISO image. I've tried repair, and it tells me the Boot manager is missing or corrupt. I've gone to the Command prompt and ran "Diskpart" selecting disk0 and partition1 and BootRec" with /FixMbr, /FixBoot, and /Rebuild Bcd. After rebooting I get the starting Windows logo and the system reboots... Any help would be appricated, Thanks

check cpu temperature in the bios - maybe heatsink not fitted properly?

CPU Temp

CPU temp runs at 47c - 48c... Is that too high?


I hope this helps anyone else like myself, after messing with this for 3 days I downloaded the beta version of the newest Bios from Gigabyte which had inproved micro codes for the newest processors, and this fixed it. It also cooled the processor by 4 degrees celius. I hope this helps...

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