Trouble taking over permissions of recovered/backed up folders

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by ashrafnisar, Mar 27, 2015.

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    Here's the situation:
    I've got a 500GB hard drive that I copied a bunch of folders to from another hard drive. The drive basically suffered a failure while in a machine and I had to use some recovery software and another tool that I do not remember by name anymore (part of a google search spree).

    Long story short, I managed to get most of the data over successfully and am able to view any of the files. However, I cannot delete them, modify them or do anything else with them. Upon trying to change the permissions for any of the files, I keep getting an error stating the changes cannot be saved and that access is denied. Any suggestions?

    I see three entries under the security tab: Everyone, and two other users, one of which has access to write. I'm assuming that is the original user data from the machine that the drive was in? The second user only has read privileges and I assume that is the current account. My local account is an administrator account with UAC turned all the way down. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!
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    Run a command prompt as Administrator and issue the following:

    takeown /F {target_directory} /R


    cacls {target_directory} /C /E /T /G everyone:F

    Of course replace {target_directory} with the full path to the folder your trying to access.
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