Trouble uploading .zip file for post


I'm having trouble uploading a 2.34 MB .zip file for a BSOD forum.

I've tried with IE, Firefox and Chrome. No luck.

Seems to stop in the middle and give me a red stop sign.

Then, with basic upload, nothing seems to happen.

Thank you in advance for assistance.


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Just a suggestion as I have never needed to do it........
How about using a web hosting such as Skydrive which is a Microsoft product > upload the zip file to skydrive > copy the url and past it to you reply as a link.

Would that help ?

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Current max upload size is 10MB. Its possible the connection timed out. You could try a third party host like Skydrive or Dropbox as suggested.

Thanks for the various suggestions. Not sure how. Finally managed to upload a zip file with less in it. Both were well below the upload limit. Either way, these new options suggested above are duly noted for the future. Thanks!

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