Windows 7 Trouble with hard drives and windows 7


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So this is a bit of an interesting situation that is a tad long and I think it is best to start from the beginning. It started when I received this error when running with my Seagate HDD:
I got a new 1TB WD Black and used Acronis True Image to clone my Seagate on to my new drive. I followed instructions to make sure the new HDD was properly formatted before doing so and named it (X: ). After cloning was finally completed, I attempted to boot from the WD HDD and was greeted with this:
bluescreen.jpgThis is not my computer, just a picture of the error I was receiving.
The error claims my copy of windows is not genuine. I tried multiple solutions to this error but got nowhere. In the end I used the school provided version of windows 7 64 bit and installed that onto the new hard drive with all the data still on it, as I thought it would just take away the not genuine screen and I would be back in business, well, I was wrong. Windows instead made a partition called System Reserved (E: ) and renamed the former (X: ) to (F: ).
As you can see I am booted off my old hard drive so that I don't have to go through the hassle of dealing with the new drive as I don't want to mess it up more.
So ideally, I would like to have the WD become my local disk with all the data from my previous hard drive on it and have the System Reserved gone. I have some idea of what im doing, but not a lot. So if anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it!
Acronis will make an image of your old drive which you can restore to the new drive. You have to make sure and image it in such a way the essential partitions are included.

If you actually cloned the drive, that is a little different process and can end up with drive letter problems. Perhaps you could explain what process you used and someone that uses Acronis might see where you had problems.

I normally just use the Windows Backup and Restore and create an image with it.