Truncated Folder Name, Full Name Hidden

Windows 7 x32 Home Premium

Hello. I have an odd issue, which I'm sure it easily solved once you know how.

Premise: I backup software discs onto my hard-disk as I have lost softwares in the past due to CD scratches. I have a folder named "Disc Images" and then "CD" as a sub-folder.I typically put each software into its own folder within CD and then name it including the version number. (i.e. "Diablo II 1.03") So the path is as follows: "G:\Disc Images\CD\"

Problem: When browsing the folders through windows explorer, I notice that most of the time my folders have truncated names. Specifically, just some of the version numbers are missing from the title. But, when I click on "properties" and then "sharing" you can clearly see the entire name.

Addendum: Sometimes very rarely, my windows explorer HAS the full filename. The two times that it happened were once when I was viewing the folders through VirtualCloneDrive's "mount image" browser, and once through windows explorer immediately after I had seen the properties of "G:\Disc Images\CD"

Does anybody know why this happens, and how I can fix it?

PS - Obviously I could rename each folder as there aren't many, but I'm curious as to WHY this happens. Also, my hard-disks are called "Server 1, 2" but they don't serve anywhere. They are merely the Server-grade Enterprise drives, and Backup is my backup hard-disk. :)


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